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  GUAST(Global Union Academy of Science and Technology) is a non-profit organization constituted by do scientific and technological researcher and education and teaching researcher around the world. This organization provide a golden opportunity of international academic exchange for the scientific and technological researcher, education and teaching researcher, teaching staff, academic exchanger and subject researcher. It enrolls member for free so as to establish talent pool of scientific and teaching researcher, which offers them opportunity of development and makes contribution to Science and Technology research throughout the world.  

   環球聯合科學技術研究院(GUAST)Global Union Academy of Science and Technology是由世界各地從事科學技術研究和教育教學研究等人員自愿組成的非盈利性組織。該組織為科學技術研究人員、教育教學研究人員、教育教學人員、學術交流人員、課題研究等人員提供一個國際學術交流平臺。免費廣納會員以建立科學技術研究人才庫,為他們的發展提供機會,同時為世界科學技術研究作出貢獻。

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